Life in air raid shelters is an infra-world. We rub shoulders there, we huddle there, we whisper there, we work there, we sometimes laugh there.
...We remake society there, but underground.
...When the alert lasts for several hours, the shelter set up in the basement of the Ivano-Frankivsk Musical and Dramatic Arts Theater offers performances on an improvised stage amid mattresses and gigantic exhaust air ducts...
...This post-apocalyptic setting is that of a very real play. That of a war in Europe.
Nadya Levtchenko, 36 ans, est actrice et comédienne appartenant à la troupe du Théâtre d'Ivano-Frankivsk ; avec les autres membres de la troupe, elle collecte et distribue l'aide humanitaire dédiée aux personnes déplacées.